By Natalie - November 21, 2022
Categories: General

Successful businesses are forged in difficult times. Businesses that are barely surviving will either double down and find success or fall apart. 

Over the last couple years, I have faced the same challenges in growing my own business. Here is what I have learned about escaping just getting by. 

Understand Your Business

If you want to grow your business, you can’t be comfortable with superficial knowledge. You have to invest time and possibly money to understand your business. 

I got a business coach. He helped me understand my business inside and out. 

I had to learn about my clients, my services, and how I communicated to my audience in my marketing. Once I did, I was able to improve myself and my business.

Understand Your Finances

Living paycheck to paycheck or client to client is the standard for a lot of small businesses owners. And I can relate. 

But in order to escape that mentality you have to understand your finances. 

I had to learn where my money was coming from and how to scale my offerings in order to make enough money per client to make it worth the time and energy I was putting in. 

Finances are uncomfortable to look at sometimes, but if you want to make changes, you have to face uncomfortable situations.

Set Better Goals

I’ve seen some pretty radical dream-boards but very few people ever turn them into reality. They make lofty goals because they think that if they aim higher they will reach higher. 

Technically that may be true. But they aren’t setting actionable goals to reach their higher goals.

If you want to reach a big goal, then you need to have smaller goals that are focused on what you can achieve. 

Instead of simply stating that you want to make a million dollars next year, you need to state how you plan to achieve that goal. For example, you might set a goal to call 50 potential clients every week and aim to get at least 10 of them as actual clients per week.

It’s easier to reach goals with clear finish lines.

Taking Action

The most important thing you can do to move your business from “barely making it” to thriving is taking action. 

For my clients that action is getting my help in reviewing their books. For me, it was getting coaching to better understand my business and what I needed to change.

The question is-

What are you going to do?