What Does a Bookkeeper Do?

As a business owner, you’ve probably wondered what a bookkeeper even does. Do they sit behind a desk, wearing a three piece suit, organizing their desks and obsessively sharpening their pencils until someone brings them a receipt? And with the rise of digital bookkeeping software, what’s the point of having a bookkeeper? What does a […]

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How Do I Set Business Financial Goals?

Owning your own business is like a dream come true. You’re your own boss. You’re in charge of your success or failure. Whatever the future brings, it’s yours and not someone else’s. But when it comes to setting goals and planning your future, that’s also on you know. And that can be a little intimidating. […]

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How to Increase Your Sales Through Good Bookkeeping (Part 2)

Last time, when we talked about how to increase your sales opportunities through good bookkeeping we went over how good bookkeeping enables you to track “Lost” clients. If you haven’t read that one, please go read it before you continue so this post will make more sense. This time I want to discuss a more […]

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How to Increase Your Sales Through Good Bookkeeping (Part 1)

When you think bookkeeping, you probably don’t think about finding ways to increase your sales opportunities. The truth is, your bookkeeping is an underutilized asset. Especially when you have your accounts set up and maintained properly. Accurate bookkeeping isn’t just a list of numbers arranged in an Excel Spreadsheet. It’s a history of your entire […]

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Bookkeeping is Boring

Let me be completely honest with you. Bookkeeping is boring as hell. You spend hours reading numbers, examining spreadsheets, and just staring at a screen in general. It’s not glamorous and most days it’s not even fun.   But I still want to do it. Not because I enjoy staring at nauseating lists of numbers […]

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