Quiet Quitting 

There’s a new trend on the block.  It’s called quiet quitting. Or at least that’s what everyone is calling it. Unfortunately, the definitions of it vary. At one extreme it’s defined as giving the bare minimum your job requires. At the other end, they talk about people who are only willing to work the base […]

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The Secret To Getting Your Business Finances Under Control

Working on messy books can feel like trying to untangle a knot. If you’ve ever had a pair of wired headphones that got tangled in a pocket or backpack, you know what I’m talking about. It’s hard to figure out where to start working on the knot.  And it’s the same with your bookkeeping. You’d […]

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Time to Check Your Bookkeeping

Whether you are relying on a professional for help or trying to do it yourself, now is a good time to check your bookkeeping. Whether you are just checking in with your bookkeeper or reviewing your own bookkeeping, taking the time to review your books can save you a lot of time and pain come […]

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Improving Employee Retention

“We can’t find good workers.” You’ve heard it. I’ve heard it. Even though we are beginning to go through a recession, companies are still looking to hire new employees, and they are struggling to do so. And sadly, a lot of businesses are losing employees. Even if the company pays well enough, employees are choosing […]

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Processes & Procedures For Your Bookkeeping

I believe in taking my own advice. If I wouldn’t do it, I wouldn’t advise you to do it. And with my most recent articles about growing your business even during difficult times, I am working to offer more services. I’m even bringing on new team members to help me improve the services I offer. […]

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