How to Create an Automotive Parts Pricing Strategy for Your Auto Repair Shop

If you own an auto repair shop, it’s important to have a solid automotive parts pricing strategy in place in order to increase revenue and profitability while also ensuring that your customers get a fair deal and keep coming back to your shop for future repairs and services. Read on for a few tips on […]

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6 Benefits of Quickbooks Online

If you are a busy business owner, it’s important to have the right tools in place to help you manage your finances, bookkeeping, and accounting so you can stay profitable and have a strong grasp on your business’s financial health at all times. Quickbooks Online is one of the best online accounting softwares out there […]

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How to Improve Labor Productivity in Auto Shops

The profits generated from auto repair labor are significant to the success of auto shops. As a bookkeeper that works with auto repair shops, I’ve seen instances where the labor margins are negatively impacting the bottom line and are not where they should be. Oftentimes, the amount of labor sales and the amount spent in […]

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Extension of the IRS Lookback Period : What you need to know

It’s been 3 years since the onset of the global Covid-19 pandemic, and we are still feeling the side effects when it comes to accounting, taxes, and tax refunds. In both 2020 and 2021, the IRS issued notices under the Tax Code, giving them the authority to postpone deadlines and due dates related to filing […]

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Tricks for Tax Season

Taxes are annoying. They cost your business a lot of money to pay. And then you have to spend a lot of time gathering all the proper documentation. And don’t forget to keep it organized.  That’s where I have a couple of tricks that I recommend for my clients that I would like to share […]

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