3 Ways to Strengthen Your Business

With the price of gas, material shortages, and the mass-exodus of employees, 2022 has been a disaster for many business owners. And with the way the economy is looking right now, we need to start looking for ways to strengthen our businesses so we can survive the challenges we are beginning to face. With that […]

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3 Signs Your Business Isn’t Healthy

As a bookkeeper, I have unfortunately seen companies fail. They don’t tend to fail overnight. In fact, most of the companies that fail do so for multiple reasons. But before they fail, there are several signs of problems. Three of the most common signs that I have seen are easy to catch and fix, if […]

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Dealing with Accounts Receivable

There’s a reason large company’s have entire departments for handling accounts receivable. Handling it well keeps the lights on, everyone paid, and you happy. But as a small business owner, you have probably realized how easy it is to mess up or even have it messed up for you. Common Problems When I first start […]

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4 Questions For Your Tax Preparer

Everyone’s least favorite time of the year is here- tax season. And if you don’t have them done yet, you shouldn’t panic. Just make sure you get them done ASAP or file an extension. But when you go to your CPA, or local tax preparer, here are four questions you should ask them about. What […]

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Remarkable Results

Last year I had the privilege of`appearing on Carm Capriotto’s podcast, Remarkable Results. We had a fantastic time talking about how to take care of your business finances and a few things you need to know to have a successful business. Here are a few of the points we discussed. Know Your Break Even Point […]

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