Preparing for Next Year’s Tax Season

What if you could make next year’s taxes less painful? What if next year, your taxes were ready to go and you knew you weren’t overpaying? You can. It just requires a little extra planning now. One of the most underutilized tax tools small business owners leave on the table is tax planning. But what […]

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Taking Your Finances to the Next Level

You’ve been building your business for a while and you’ve had some success. Now it’s time to take your finances to the next level.  No one starts a business thinking “I’m going to work extremely hard so I can make just enough to scrape by” or “I want to work so hard on this one […]

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Preparing For Success in 2023

Business takes your precious time and effort.  Wasting your resources on effort without a plan is a great way to tire yourself out and make little progress.  If you want success you have to prepare for it. And your success in your business depends on you having the right pieces in place ahead of time. […]

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Your Business Finances in 2023

I don’t have a crystal ball. And I can’t predict the future. But there are some things I do know about what is coming in 2023 based on the current direction of our economy. And none of it looks pretty. Continued Inflation Inflation has been at an all time high for the past year and […]

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Facing Your Financial Fears

I’m not going to sugarcoat things. Times are hard. And they aren’t going to get any easier.  One of the problems that makes hard times worse is fear.  Fear of the future  Fear of financial issues Fear of a collapsed economy We could spend all day writing out lists of the things we are afraid […]

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