A Heart of A Servant

I network regularly with other business owners from a variety of fields. Everyone from technical, to coaching, to the trades. What I enjoy most is talking to them one-on-one. Getting to know who they are and what brought them to where they are. One story really got me thinking. A now friend of mine, let’s […]

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Is Your Auto Repair Shop Like Tom Brady, The GOAT?

Whether you like Tom Brady or not, you have to admit he is the Greatest Of All Time. I’m not a football person, but when I hear or read about his accomplishments, I’m amazed. If your shop isn’t the greatest, do you know why? What is your vision for your auto repair shop? One lesson […]

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You Have Your PPP Loan, What’s Next?

Now that you have successfully navigated all the gray areas and cut through that red tape, let’s open up some things to think about to put those PPP funds to their best use. Here are some questions you may want to answer before you start spending those funds. How do I maximize its use? What […]

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What You Need To Know about the Employee Retention Credit

Whew! We’re moving on from the PPP loan blog series to dispensing knowledge about the Employee Retention Credit. Hello IRS! With all of the changes and tax time approaching ~2 months away, I hope you’re ready to go. If you haven’t already filed, here is some information that’s about two weeks old, so grab a […]

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SBA Issues New PPP Regulations, What You Need To Know Part 4

We ended Part 3 of this blog series with “Second Draw PPP Loan Application and Documentation Requirements”. As this second draw is being distributed, the rules are changing. I encourage you to check out the SBA’s website or go to your local SBA office for additional information. You may also contact me if you […]

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