Preparing Your Business For Growth

Building your business when the economy is heading down might seem like a bad idea to some. But as I shared recently, you can grow your business even during an economic slowdown. But I wanted to point out a problem I have seen in many companies that grow too quickly: failure to plan for growth. […]

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How To Grow Your Business During a Slowdown

When you think about growing your business, you probably don’t think about doing it during a recession. It seems counterintuitive to suggest that during a time of economic hardship you could grow your business successfully. But the truth is that this is the best time to start growing. Waiting for the perfect conditions to begin […]

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3 Ways to Strengthen Your Business

With the price of gas, material shortages, and the mass-exodus of employees, 2022 has been a disaster for many business owners. And with the way the economy is looking right now, we need to start looking for ways to strengthen our businesses so we can survive the challenges we are beginning to face. With that […]

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3 Signs Your Business Isn’t Healthy

As a bookkeeper, I have unfortunately seen companies fail. They don’t tend to fail overnight. In fact, most of the companies that fail do so for multiple reasons. But before they fail, there are several signs of problems. Three of the most common signs that I have seen are easy to catch and fix, if […]

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Dealing with Accounts Receivable

There’s a reason large company’s have entire departments for handling accounts receivable. Handling it well keeps the lights on, everyone paid, and you happy. But as a small business owner, you have probably realized how easy it is to mess up or even have it messed up for you. Common Problems When I first start […]

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