Why Virtual Bookkeeping


Hiring employees holds many costs including training, payroll, workers compensation insurance, benefits, etc. By hiring a virtual bookkeeper, you are reducing those costs significantly since I take care of my own business expenses.


Employees do love vacation time. This adds up over time. By allowing a virtual bookkeeper to handle the bookkeeping, you are saving time trying to schedule employee vacations and saving the money that would be spent on paid time off.


Having a bookkeeper requires a certain amount of continuing education that could cost your company lost time in wages and extra costs in training material. As a professional, I take care of my own continuing education and costs incurred for certifications.


As with any profession, bookkeeping requires equipment. Computers, accounting software, software security and password protection are just the beginning of what it takes to keep your financial information secure. I take these costs on to make sure that your financial information is safe and secure.

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