SBA Issues New PPP Regulations, What You Need To Know Part 1

Hi, Natalie here. There is wealth of information to clear up confusion about the new regulations regarding PPP loans. There will probably be changes, so this is summary is based on the best information currently available. Before you take action, I encourage you to check for updated rules and make sure you are fully informed […]

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10 Top Financial Tools Your Auto Repair Shop Need Today

Hi, Natalie here. You have a great selection of tools on hand that will cover every job a customer will bring into your shop. Whether it’s Mac Tools, Snap-on, OTC, or Wright, the right tool for the job is priceless. The tools we’re talking about in this post are for finances, but the same strategy […]

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Annual Reports – How 2020 Was And How To Prepare For 2021

With the end of 2020 fast approaching, we’re going to look at annual financial reports. Your shop’s financial report is being prepared and there are some steps for you to take. There are also steps you can take to prepare for a solid start to the new year. The content of this blog comes from […]

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Quarterly Reports – Much More Than What They Appear To Be

Within this post we’re going to pull back the covers and take a look at what goes into a quarterly report. For this conversation we’ll be talking about privately owned auto repair shops only. By definition a quarterly report is a summary or collection of unaudited financial statements. These include balance sheets, income statements, and […]

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When Will My Auto Repair Shop Break Even?

How to figure the Break-Even Point (BEP) is one of the biggest questions you need to answer before you open your shop. When is does your shop cash flow positive on the way to the business becoming profitable. If you bought your shop from another owner, that answer should have been in the financial reports. […]

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