By Natalie - August 11, 2021
Categories: General

Let me be completely honest with you. Bookkeeping is boring as hell. You spend hours reading numbers, examining spreadsheets, and just staring at a screen in general. It’s not glamorous and most days it’s not even fun.


But I still want to do it. Not because I enjoy staring at nauseating lists of numbers until my eyes glaze over. And certainly not because I love spreadsheets. (Although some people do.)

No, I want to do bookkeeping because of what it enables my clients to do. There are three things that I do in particular that really impact my clients in a positive way.


Double-checking Accounts

Inaccurate accounts are one of the worst problems your business can face. If you don’t know how much money you have in your accounts, how can you purchase the supplies you need or keep your employees checks from bouncing.


Most of this work is just reading over the numbers to make sure there are no duplicate charges or mistakes so that your accounts are always up to date and accurate.

Maintaining Accurate Records

This is where bookkeeping gets a little tricky. You have to know which category to file your records under. Getting it wrong could land you in hot water with the IRS. It can even throw off your accounts and budgeting.


If you do have accurate accounting records you will be able to do a lot more than you otherwise could. Accurate records tell the story of your company so far. If you learn from them, you can use those lessons and stories to grow and make better decisions in the future. You can learn about the buying trends of your customers. You can identify the slow seasons in your business and create solutions engaging customers during those times. The possibilities are staggering.

Making Monthly Financial Statements Meaningful

If there is one thing that will make your head spin, it’s all the bookkeeping and accounting jargon. Reading a foreign language might seem easier than trying to wrap your head around the strange words coming out your bookkeeper’s mouth.


Getting a review of your bookkeeping every month, while necessary, can feel like you are about to be barraged by a bunch of ideas you don’t understand. I am fortunate to have recognized early on how annoying it is for my clients to endure this. Which is why, I make sure that at every one of my monthly financial statement reviews, I use plain language to explain exactly what is going on in the accounts.


Bookkeeping Is Boring But…

Not everything you do in life is glamorous. Not everything you have to do is enjoyable. The really important things are rarely exciting or fun. When they are, we’ll jump at the opportunity to do them. But in the meantime, there are important things like bookkeeping that need our attention and focus. Because doing them right means life or death to businesses like yours.


If you’re looking for some help with your bookkeeping because you can’t handle the boring tedium of tracking every penny and keeping detailed records, you don’t have to do it alone. I would love to chat with you about how Three Rivers Bookkeeping can help you by taking those things off your plate, so you can move forward confident that your books are up to date and accurate, and that you will be able to get clear answers when you need them. Call me today!