By bscsupport - October 2, 2020
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Hi, my name is Natalie Paris and I am the driving force behind Three Rivers Bookkeeping and my motto, “Bookkeeping Done Right”.

I have been a full time bookkeeper for three years and in the two-to-three years before that, I worked with accountants and bookkeepers part time. While I was managing a repair shop, part of my duties were to keep the books. This is where I learned the basics of bookkeeping and discovered my passion.

With every job I had done, I enjoyed the numbers side of my work especially when they lined up well. This brought a sense of accomplishment and brought a smile to my face.

My passion is helping business owners with their finances. This frees them up to do what they’re good at. If you repair cars, auto body, baking, or lodging, you started your business to serve your customers. Keeping books is necessary and that’s where I come in.

I was in the automotive repair industry for years before becoming a professional bookkeeper. I started as a sales rep for Napa Auto Parts and then transitioned to managing an Auto Repair Shop when that opportunity presented itself.

This background is why I focus on serving auto repair shop owners. Building a solid relationship is natural with shop owners because I’ve run shop operations. I saw daily the challenges they dealt with and instinctively know how to effectively serve them.

I aspire to become an integral part of the businesses team. The knowledge gained since I started working full time has grown to a much deeper level. This is, plus experience that sets me on a higher level than a part time bookkeeper. Being part of your team enables me to educate you on the standard reports and also through a tool I developed called Benchmarking.

Benchmarking shows you how your shop measures up against your competition. You see how your competitors are spending their money and compare how you are spending your funds. This will give you a competitive advantage by making adjustments as needed.

Another tool is the Financial Road Map

The Financial Road Map is like a budget, but with a very special focus. This is a plan to get you from where you are or “Point A” to Point B, where you want to go. You get to pick your shop’s “Point B”. Examples of a “Point B” are on-site expansion, opening another location, adding more techs, and coming up with an exit strategy.

I customize The Financial Road Map to your unique situation and your specific goals. What is your financial destination?

As a full time bookkeeper I can maximize your tax savings and check your financial picture at least once a week. Knowing the nuances of your shop’s specific situation I can show you how to make cost-saving adjustments when necessary.

Working together with you on your finances is a very personal and critical area. Having effective and regular communication is very important to me. I’m also a bookkeeper with a teacher’s heart. Another of my passions is explaining and making sure you know exactly what your financial reports mean. I will work with you so you have a complete understanding of your financial picture. We can work together to set you and your business on the path you choose to follow.

If you would like to find out more, contact me and let’s have a conversation. I’m available at Three Rivers Bookkeeping