By bscsupport - September 13, 2021
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As a business owner, you’ve probably wondered what a bookkeeper even does. Do they sit behind a desk, wearing a three piece suit, organizing their desks and obsessively sharpening their pencils until someone brings them a receipt? And with the rise of digital bookkeeping software, what’s the point of having a bookkeeper? What does a bookkeeper actually do?

A bookkeeper maintains the financial integrity of a business by keeping the financial records organized through daily management of their payments and receipts. What does that look like in a business? Let’s take a look.

Managing and Balancing the Books

Balancing the business’s books may seem simple, but it is a time consuming process. Payroll alone can eat hours of your time every month. Organizing payments and tracking transactions to ensure that the money you make matches your records will also eat your precious time. Not to mention making sure that your receipts are organized properly and preserved for tax purposes will take you away from working on your business.

While these are important for your business to operate, they can also become a hindrance. A bookkeeper protects your time by taking care of these operations for you. This enables you to get back to working on things like serving your clients and maintaining standards of quality in your business- the things that actually make money.

Keeps You Organized Financially

Another thing a bookkeeper can do for you is financial organization. Building and maintaining the systems that will keep you organized doesn’t just take time. It takes energy and focus. Your payments and receipts need to be categorized and organized to ensure that you are meeting your responsibilities. It’s hard to be certain that you have done everything that you need to if you can’t easily access your records and see what has and hasn’t been done. Ultimately, you get peace of mind and save yourself a lot of energy and focus that you can invest back into your business.

Helps You Protect and Enhance Your Ability To Make Money

Ultimately, running your business is all about making money. A bookkeeper needs to protect your ability to make money. They do this by doing the things we listed above. Having your books in order will allow you to know your business better and keep your business on track to reaching goals. It’s harder to hit your goals when you don’t know where you are starting, or where you are in the process. Having a bookkeeper to help you will help you protect your ability to make money.

Why We Focus on Wealthbuilding

Your bills can’t always be shrunk. But your wealth can be grown. We don’t want our clients to simply have better and more organized bookkeeping. We want our clients to succeed in life and achieve their dreams.

Long term success is better for your business, your community, and you. The more money you are able to make, the more you can help your family, friends, and community. And when you succeed, we succeed. If you want to talk with us about how bookkeeping can help your business, let us know. We would love to help you find solutions to growing your business and your wealth.