How Automotive Repair Shop Owners Can Know How Long to Keep Tax Information

We’ve talked about how important accurate and timely financial records are, but these are also critical if you ever get audited or sued. These financial records are also an IRS requirement. Let’s take a look at which records you’re required to keep, how long you should keep them and to make sure you don’t loose […]

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The Importance of Keeping Proper Records for Your Business

I’ve recently had the pleasure of connecting with another bookkeeper, Vanessa and it’s an honor to have her on as a guest blogger this month. Vanessa is doing great things in the bookkeeping profession and focuses her work with mom bloggers. Today she is going to give us some great insight into The Importance of Keeping […]

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Three key financial reports every business should review monthly

Let’s take a look at three financial reports, balance sheet, income statement, statement of cash flows. You should read/review each of these monthly. Looking at the numbers from these three reports is a clear picture of your shop’s financial health. This is a road map to planning your future. Let’s begin with the balance sheet. […]

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What Is The Income Statement And How Is It Useful For Business Owners?

Last time we took a quick look at three financial reports: Balance sheet Income statement Statement of cash flows We talked about how you should read/review each of these monthly like reading the financial GPS to your repair shop’s finances. How financially healthy is your shop? Not-so-subtle hint, if you haven’t talked to your bookkeeper […]

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If You’re an Automotive Repair Shop Owner And Want Keep More Money In Your Bank Account – Read This

Many small businesses use the owners personal checking account for all of their business transactions. This can cause problems when it comes time to balance the books, pay taxes, and create an bookkeeping nightmare. Piercing the Corporate Veil Another, perhaps more critical consideration is that using a personal account for business has the potential of […]

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